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I wanna sex you up

you know the way I like it

it's just a little casual sex...
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All Members , Moderated

Listen up fuckers!

This is a bad ass community for your fashion, looks, and most of all, lips and hips.


1) Don't piss of the mods
2) No lurkers! If you join post pics right away
3) No nudity
4) First post must have a pics of your fashion, and a clear face shot, no blury high-contrast pictures!
4) NO TEXT ONLY!!!! I swear to buddah I will kick ass if you post text only
5) NO COMMUNITY WHORING! That just pisses me off.

♥'s from your lovely mods:
xbitemylipx - Da Mod Masta
lepash - PIMP Masta Rick AIM= LePASHduMode